South Australian military personnel listed beneath the National War Memorial on North Terrace, Adelaide.

focussed on
intelligence, surveillance from Edinburgh base


A LARGE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE CONTINGENT, focused mainly on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and on testing and evaluating air force systems, is based in South Australia.

There are more than 2000 members of the permanent air force and 400 air force reserve members, mostly based at RAAF Base Edinburgh.  This major Australian defence base. is home to 92WG that operates the RAAF AP-3C Orion aircraft being replaced by the P-8 Poseidon.

The RAAF Air Warfare Centre, concerned with information warfare, test and evaluation and the Woomera range, as well as air force support, is at RAAF Edinburgh.

The new distributed ground station  will be the air force‚Äôs centralised unit for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The No.1 remote sensor is the first space operations unit for the Australian Defence Force. Another key RAAF site is the Woomera range, used extensively for air, ground and space testing. The range contains the RAAF Woomera test range and RAAF Base Woomera, home to a small contingent of Air Force personnel. The Woomera range is the largest land-based test and evaluation centre in the world.

South Australia is home to one of its three combat manoeuvre brigades and its only ground-based air defence unit. The state has 1400 regular army members and 1120 army reserve members.

The army also has the 1st armoured regiment and 7th Battalion RAR of the 1st Brigade (Adelaide) at the horseshoe barracks in RAAF Base Edinburgh; the 16th air land regiment of the 6th Brigade at Woodside; the Reserve 9th Brigade at Keswick; important national land-focused research and development.

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