ADELAIDEAZ website is a work in progress that aims to build connections and context – the full past-present-future context of aspects of Adelaide and its state of South Australia.

It's not an encyclopaedic or specialised view of Adelaide and South Australia. It's a roughly chronological overview sketch, to identify some interconnecting threads and patterns that shaped, and continue to shape, the cultural tapestry of the city and state.

The history of Adelaide and South Australia is well served by a cluster of websites including the South Australian History Hub, South Australian History Trust’s Adelaidia, Flinders Ranges Research, Adelaide City Explorer, Weekend Notes, Adelaide City Heritage (National Trust), Autopsy of Adelaide, and the State Library of South Australia’s SA Memory. South Australian historians have been well supported by Wakefield Press. And, via Torrens Press, the three-volume Behind the streets of Adelaide by Dr Jeff Nicholas (2016) is a crowning achievement.

The State Library also is an excellent resource for historic images. These history websites are backed by other excellent sources such as The Australian Dictionary of Biography, maintained by the Australian National University, along with a plethora of books and papers, including those listed below.

Media coverage of Adelaide and South Australia of day-to-day issues is intensive. But the ephemeral and selective nature of news media means the overall ongoing picture, in an historical context, of what's happening in the state gets lost.

ADELAIDEAZ is merely drawing on these history and contemporary sites and other sources to build an accessible overall picture in range of categories that make up the distinct character of the city and its state.

That overall connected picture, in a past-present-future context, is the main aim of ADELAIDEAZ.


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ADELAIDEAZ website is being built gradually. To guide that building, we welcome positive feedback regarding additions, emphasis, omissions and errors.

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Survival in our own land: "Aboriginal" experiences in "South Australia" since 1836, told by Nungas and others ;
        edited and researched by Christobel Mattingley, co-edited by Ken Hampton.
"South Australian Aborigines Protection Board (1939-1962) and governance through 'scientific' expertise: a                genealogy of protection and assimilation." PhD thesis by Maragaret Macilwain, Adelaide University, 2006.

The founding of South Australia, as recorded in the journals of Mr Robert Gouger, first colonial secretary. 
Edited by Edwin Hodder. 
Paradise of Dissent by Douglas Pike
Behind the streets of Adelaide by Dr Jeff Nicholas
The Wakefield model of systematic colonisation in South Australia: an examination with particular reference
         to its economic aspects
 Thesis by A. W. Peter Whimpress
Colonialism and its aftermaths: A history of Aboriginal South Australia, edited by Peggy Brock and Tom Gara
A Colonial Experience by Geoffrey H. Manning

Methodists and revivalism in South Australia 1838-1939: The quest for 'vital religion'. Thesis by Brian Chalmers.

Living in South Australia: a social history by Elizabeth Kwan

SA’s Greats: The men and women of the North Terrace plaques. Edited by John Healey (Historical Society of         South Australia)

A history of South Australia by Paul Sendzuik and Robert Forster
Turning points: Chapters in South Australian history. Edited by Robert Foster and Paul Sendziuk
Foundational fictions in South Australian history. Edited by Carolyn Collins and Paul Sendzuik

A history of women in South Australia from 1836 by Helen Jones 
Women's education in South Australia: institutional and social devlopments 1875-1915 by Helen Jones
Mary Thomas: the life and time of a South Australian pioneer by Beth Duncan


The City of Adelaide: A thematic history by McDougall and Vines.
The Adelaide Parklands: A social history by Patricia Sumerling.
Adelaide: A Brief History by Kathryn Gargett and Susan Marsden, 
Heritage of the City of Adelaide: an illustrated guide. Susan Marsden; Paul Stark; Patricia Sumerling, eds. 

Adelaide's Dissenting headmaster: John Lorenzo Young and his premier private school by Diana Chessell
William and Lawrence Bragg, father and son: the most extraordinary collaboration in science by John Jenkins
Rock star: the story of Reg Sprigg – an outback legend by Kristin Weidenbach

Irish South Australia: New histories and insights. Edited by Susan Arthure,
                                    Fidelma Breen, Stephanie James, Dymphna Lonergan
German history in South Australia by Dr Ian Harmstorf

Things fall apart: the history of the State Bank of South Australia by Greg McCarthy.
Heritage Politics in Adelaide (e-book) by Dr Sharon Mosler

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