The full vision for the major north-south Adelaide metropolitan area corridor.

 moves closer
with Torrens, Darlington and Northern sections


MAJOR GAINS ARE BEING MADE into a road transport corridor linking the north and south extremes of the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The $896 million section of South Road from the River Torrens to Torrens Road was completed in 2018. A lowered motorway and bridge over over a rail level crossing means that road users avoids the previous traffic lights at Torrens, Port and Grange roads, as well as the Hawker and Hurtle streets intersection and the Outer Harbor railway line. A Pym Street bridge project will be added to the Torrens-to-Torrens section.

Completed sections of the north-south corridor are the now-duplicated Southern Expressway, a Northern Expressway and the South Road Superway. 

The new Darlington section links with the Southern Expressway.

At the northern end, the Southern Interchange also is being built as a key component of the Northern Connector project (also started; $985 million). A paved concrete pavement solution will be applied to about 13km of the 15.5km Northern Connector alignment.

It will join the Northern Expressway with the South Road Superway and Port River Expressway.

On weekdays, more than 52,000 vehicles are expected to use the six-lane15.5 kilometre link between the Northern Expressway, the South Road Superway and the Port River Expressway.

Completing all these projects, funded by the Australian and state governments, will leave River Torrens to Anzac Highway to Darlington as the main untouched section of the corridor.

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