The Icons South Australia store at Adelaide Airport.

plus Humphrey B. Bear, Goyder's Line and Penfold's Grange on state's icons list


GOYDER'S LINE AND THE 1996 CONTAINER DEPOSIT LAWS are two of the more abstract South Australian heritage icons chosen by the National Trust of Australia.

Humphrey B. Bear, brush fencing, Stobie poles and Penfolds Grange Hermitage wine are also the list that salutes things distinctively South Australian in origin.

Some items on the list, such as AMSCOL (Adelaide Milk Supply Co-Operative Limited) products, have disappeared.

But the list is specific about certain AMSCOL products that remain icons. These include AMSCOL Vanilla Icecream and free school milk in third pint bottles (190ml). Also the Dandy, a serving of Amscol vanilla icecream packaged in a small (perhaps 150 millilitres (5.3 imp fl oz; 5.1 US fl oz)) waxed-cardboard tub, sealed with an inserted cardboard cover (with lifting tab), and supplied with a thin flat wooden spoon. This was marketed from 1928, or earlier, until the takeover of the company.

Farmers Union, and particularly its iced coffee, is a worthy South Australian icon although it has been owned since 1991 by National Foods, now a subsidiary of Japanese beer brewer Kirin. In 2008, Farmers Union Iced Coffee outsold Coca-Cola in South Australia at a rate of almost 3:1, with South Australians consuming 36 million litres, making it the only place in the world where a milk drink outsells a cola product. It ranks alongside Inca Kola in Peru and Irn-Bru in Scotland and various drinks in Asian countries that outsell Coca-Cola.

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