The Institute Building on North Terrace, Adelaide, bathed in colour as part of 2018 Northern Lights show, part of the Fringe festival.
Image by Kylie Fleming

ADELAIDE RECOGNISED AMONG WORLD'S BEST CITIES FOR FESTIVALS: From Fringe to  Feast, film, fashion to cabaret, guitar, OZASIA

ADELAIDE WAS CROWNED AS AMONG THE BEST in 2015 when invited to join an international network of cities renowned for hosting some of the world's biggest and best festivals.

The peak body for arts festivals in South Australia, Festivals Adelaide, was invited to meet with industry heavyweights at the Edinburgh International Festival where the international festival city network was born.

Adelaide is the only Australian city invited to join the network, which will include representatives from Barcelona, Krakow, Montreal, Berlin and Edinburgh.

The invitation followed a survey that found Adelaide outperformed all other Australian states in ticket sales for festivals. Fifty-six per cent of all festival tickets in Australia are sold in South Australia. (Adelaide also won the top region prize in the 2015 Australian Event Awards.)

The international festival city network will largely be used for idea sharing and solving common challenges faced by cities with a strong cultural festival presence.

South Australia's biggest festivals include WOMAdelaide, the Adelaide Fringe, OzAsia, Adelaide Film Festival and the Adelaide Arts Festival.

Adelaide also hosts Writers’ Week, SALA Festival, Feast Festival, Cabaret Festival, Adelaide International Guitar Festival and the Come Out Children's Festival.

The city’s festival lineup throughout the year includes annual/biennial events such as the Adelaide Fashion Festival, Cheesefest, Festival of Architecture and Design, Adelaide Motor Sport Festival and Multicultural Festival, along with regional events and one-day wonders such as the Christmas pageant.

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