Adelaideans rally to show their environmental concerns on a global scale.
Image courtesy Conservation Council of South Australia


with making a carbon-neutral city as its goal

ADELAIDE HAS BEEN RECOGNISED BY LONDON-BASED CDP (formerly known as Climate Disclosure Project) for its climate leadership.

The CDP Cities 2015 Report ranked Adelaide in the top 10 of 308 cities in the world for its comprehensive and transparent climate change reporting.

The other top 10 cities are Atlanta (USA), Canberra, Durban (South Africa), Leon (France), Mexico City, New Taipei City (Taiwan), Oslo (Norway), Ravenna (Italy) and Vancouver (Canada).

The South Australian government and Adelaide City Council have committed to making Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city – as a showcase for renewable energy and clean technology.

In 2013, the City of Adelaide’s total emissions were 939,532 tonnes CO2 e, with stationary energy (60%) and transport (35%) as the primary source of carbon emissions.

Positive action so far have seen the City of Adelaide’s carbon emissions decreasing by 20% from 2007 to 2013. Both the government and city council are investing in energy efficiency measures in their own operations and looking at updating their fleets to low-carbon vehicles.

Other measures include the Sustainable City Incentives Scheme providing grants to businesses and residents to invest in solar panels, battery storage and LED replacement light projects.

Building upgrade finance will also provide City of Adelaide property owners with access to new sources of finance incentives to upgrade their buildings.

Other actions include greening Adelaide’s streets to provide more shading and cooling, and encouraging more sustainable transport modes such as electric vehicles, cycling, walking and public transport.

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